The Turfgrass Pathology Committee will be hosting a Turfgrass Disease Diagnostics Workshop at Plant Health 2024 in Memphis this year. The workshop will be taught by the Committee’s own Jim Kerns and Lee Butler from NCSU!

This workshop is geared towards the plant pathology/diagnosticians community within APS that do not specialize/focus in turfgrass. If you know of colleagues or anyone in your professional network who would be interested in such a workshop, please feel free to share this opportunity with them as it is sure to be a fun and unique learning experience! I have provided a quick blurb on the workshop below.

Turfgrass diseases are often difficult to diagnose even among the most experienced diagnosticians. Managed turfgrass systems composed of many grass species with varying disease susceptibility combined with differing management regimes and intensities (home lawn vs golf course putting green, etc.) can frustrate any diagnostician before even beginning to assess symptomology. Building on previous APS webinars and Idea Cafe sessions at Plant Health, this workshop is the next step in providing APS members with the tools for turfgrass diagnostics. This workshop will be a hands-on experience with respected turfgrass diagnosticians Dr. Jim Kerns and Lee Butler from North Carolina State University to handle, assess, and diagnose many of the most common disease problems associated with cool- and warm-season turfgrass. Live turfgrass samples with disease issues will be viewed under microscopes to assess symptomology and pathogen signs. The primary goal of this workshop is for attendees to walk away with the resources and foundational knowledge for diagnosing turfgrass diseases and improve on diagnostic services provided to interested stakeholders. 

The workshop will take place on Saturday, July 27 from 8 AM to 12 PM and is priced at $49. Here is a link with more info: Turfgrass Disease Diagnostics Workshop

Please feel free to reach out if there are any questions or if we can provide additional information!

Travis Russell, Ph.D.
Chair – Turfgrass Pathology APS

Solution Development Manager – Turf and Ornamentals
Central/Southwest U.S.

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