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WHITE PAPER: National Plant Diagnostic Network. A critical resource enhancing national biosecurity against plant pests and pathogens. The American Phytopathological Society | | March 2019

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NPDN 2019 Strategic Plan

2019 NPDN Strategic Plan -- NPDN conducted an internal Strategic Planning between 2017-2019. The 2019 NPDN Strategic Plan identifies the mission of the NPDN, a vision for the network, the goals and objective for the future of NPDN, and the NPDN response to USDA-NIFA challenges issued in the 2016 cooperative agreement.

NPDN 2016 review

Report of the Review Committee -- In May 2016, a committee composed of representatives of major stakeholders, U.S. government agencies and NPDN university partners was convened by USDA-NIFA to conduct a critical review of all facets of NPDN.

2011 APS Public Policy Board Impact Evaluation

NPDN 2007 five year review

In January 2007, a committee composed of representatives of major stakeholders and NPDN university partners convened by the NPDN Executive Committee to conduct a critical review of all facets of NPDN.

NPDN Study Cases

NPDN PPV Case Study (2006) - A summary of plum pox virus (PPV) and the critical surge capacity for PPV detection that NPDN provided to USDA-APHIS and state departments of agriculture in Michigan and New York in 2006.

NPDN Asian Soybean Rust Case Study (2004) - The role that NPDN sample chain of custody and communications training, conducted in partnership with USDA-APHIS and state regulators, played in confirmation of the first detection of Asian soybean rust in North America.

NPDN P. ramorum Case Study (2004) - Illustrates the importance of having a prepared nationwide diagnostic network: NPDN diagnostic surge support to USDA-APHIS and state regulators immediately following the first detection of Phytophthora ramorum in the United States helped avert catastrophic financial losses to U.S. nurseries.