NPDN Executive Leadership

NPDN Executive Director Dr. Neil McRoberts, University of California, Davis
NPDN Deputy Executive Director Dr. Alicyn Smart, University of Maine
NPDN Secretary and National Coordinator Dr. Tania Brenes-Arguedas, University of California, Davis

The NPDN Executive Leadership works with a team composed of the director and associate director of each regional center:


Dr. Jim Stack – GPDN Director
Dr. Megan Kennelly - GPDN co-director


Dr. Ray Hammerschmidt – NCPDN Director
Dr. Jan Byrne – NCPDN co-Director


Dr. Alicyn Smart – NEPDN Director
Dr. Stephanie Shea – NEPDN Associate Director and Accreditation Coordinator


Dr. Jeffrey B Jones – SPDN Co-Director
Dr. Carrie Harmon – SPDN Co-Director

Allina Benett – SPDN Associate Director and Professional Development Coordinator


Dr. Neil McRoberts – WPDN Director
Dr. Tania Brenes-Arguedas – WPDN co-Director and National Program Coordinator


Michael Hill – NPDN IT Director
Martin Deubler – NPDN IT Associate Director